23th of November 2017, Stockholm

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 Today’s world is offering fantastic opportunities for most products. Your offer can expand in many different dimensions like: segments, applications, repositioning in the ecosystem, virtualization, servicification, productification, professional services, analytics etc. there really is no limit.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is connecting products with products truly drives the market. All companies see potential in exploring new business arenas with connected product. But it is not just about the connectivity. It is about application development, redesigning  the business model. Finding new ways of pricing and billing. Using the data in smart ways.

All too often we see companies trying to do too much. Overambition is killing or stopping many products and projects. Smart ways of entering market are now emerging. Many of them based on Smart Collaboration Strategies. The future of the networked society is about collaboration not competition. But most of us have wasted time in unfruitful cooperation and partnerships. We need to find ways of collaboration. We need to find ways in defining success in collaboration. At school many of us studied Porter and Competitive Strategies. But I never had a course in collaboration.

That is why the Tolpagorni fall conference on 23rd of Nov is about COLLABORATION & ECOSYSTEM STRATEGIES.

Product management is the perfect intersection for defining, establishing and managing partnerships. A partnership has as many dimensions as a product. Technology, strategy, architecture, commercial, sales and  marketing. Enabling us to leverage Product management skills into the collaboration.

We have already started the work in defining success in partnerships. Success in ecosystem management. And we are eager to share our thoughts, learn from the best and build knowledge together with You at the Tolpagorni fall Conference 2017 about COLLABORATION & ECOSYSTEM STRATEGIES


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In addition to the conference there's a one day tutorial in Product Management Essentials on the 22nd of November. Learn tools and method to build an essential understanding of the Product Management function and what it entails to be a product manager.  
On the 24th of November, the day after the conference, Tolpagorni experts run an in depth workshop on how to discover the true value in our deliveries. 


22nd of November


The role as a high-tech product manager can be a real challenge!
Do you have the right tools to support you?

In this one day tutorial, you will get an overview of the role and function working as product manager.

Fill your toolbox with hands on tools for doing requirement management, gaining market insight, create product strategy and do a successful launch. A great opportunity to meet and network with new colleagues and engage in deep discussions.

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24th of November


The increase of competition in the Industrial world forces a change in the way we do business. It has a major impact on all communication with our customers.

In addition the customer behavior is changing. They look for a new type of cooperation with their partners. The product is still core but we need to define and discover the true value in our deliveries.  

TOLPAGORNI has developed a new way of working with industrial marketing and communication. The work is based on research in sales and marketing and pragmatic experience and has been packaged into a powerful workshop

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