Short on Manpower?

Facing Time Pressure?

Need Additional Support?

Gone Away on Parental Leave?

... and you must DELIVER!!!

Suddenly you need an extra hand! It could be the start of a new project, somebody is leaving for a period of time or permanently. The projects don’t stop, the customers need support and you do not have the time to train somebody from scratch! 

Tolpagorni interim delivery format has been developed based on the experience from a number of interim product management assignments. We know how to ensure maximum delivery in the shortest period of time with integrated knowledge and competency building.

The Tolpagorni interim delivery model has been carefully curated to deliver utmost value in all projects. Our key delivery points are to secure prompt value delivery, fulfilling functions of Product Management and continuously adding knowledge throughout the assignment. 
About Interim Product Management Services

There consists a Challenger structure where the challenger is a resource acting in the background of the assignment to ensure the highest level of quality and value in the delivery of the assignment. 95% of all deliveries are done by the Interim Product Manager.

It is recommended for there to be a hand-over period before the Interim product manager assignment actual starts but also at the end of the project. Additional resources are made available from Tolpagorni to run shorter projects, workshops, trainings to improve the competencies. 

Our Value-Added Services

Tolpagorni's goal is to provide a holistic service. It is important to us that we support you beyond just the product. We will continuously be supporting both the Product Manager and your Product to ensure the best quality product delivery! By using Tolpagorni's Interim Product Managers, you will have availability to all our Trainings, a Challenger and our extensive knowledge and methodologies. 

  • On-site training is provided for other Product Managers as part of the delivery  keeping the team in tune with the assignment.
Challenger Structure
  • In all projects a Challenger is engaged and they add value in the delivery by challenging the consultant in Lead interim consultant.
  • Extensive toolbox in Product management
  • Tolpagorni product management Knowledge Activation Framework made available

About Our Product Managers

We have a wide portfolio of Interim Product Managers to choose from depending on the product and the support it needs. We cover all 3 divisions of the Product Management Organization so you can choose the right Product Manager. Tolpagorni has handpicked each and every Product Manager ensuring they are proficient at the job and they get the job done! 

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About Tolpagorni Product Management

Tolpagorni Product Management AB is a specialist company in Product Management. Tolpagorni develops, improves and establishes the Product Management capability at companies working with high tech products. With deep knowledge and broad experience, knowledge, tools and methodology Tolpagorni assists you to become high performing product managers and to deliver profitable products.

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Håkan Dackefjord,
Founder & Business Development Director, Wittra

“In our fast moving project we needed somebody that could deliver value from day one without spending time on introductions – the Tolpagorni interim consultant did just that!”


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