Find and communicate the true value of your product

As the product manager of complex products or software, chances are high that you struggle to describe what value your product brings and to whom. It is probably not that you don’t know why your product is so great, but sometimes it can be hard to describe it in a clear and consistent way that resonates with the stake holders in your target market. Sometimes even your colleagues in marketing and sales have a hard time understanding.

How will you then be able to launch your new product, or make the product a success throughout the product life cycle? This is where the Tolpagorni Marketing Factory comes into play.



The Tolpagorni Marketing Factory helps you create value based marketing content for your high-tech products

We have a clearly defined method that we call “value engineering” where we help product managers define and communicate the value of their products.

  • Identify and define your value Logic
  • Value driven communication
  • Efficient and consistent content production process

So instead of only talking about features (sometimes you should talk about featues), we help you craft messages and produce marketing material that explains why someone should buy your solution.

We can help you better communicate the value of your product


We have helped many high-tech companies discover, define and communicate the value that their product provide their target market. Contact Thomas Nordén if you want to know how to market your product in a clear and consistent way.

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For us the Marketing Factory is our complete marketing department. For a start up company like us we don't have the resourse nor the time to manage this internally. With the Marketing Factory we know that our communication are consistent in everything from the website to printed material.

Håkan Dackefjord

The Marketing Factory has helpt us to improve our communication and marketing content.

Jonas Brögger
VP Business Development & Marketing
Crowdsoft Technology AB

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