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Product Management
Few Product managers are trained in the art of Product management. Most decicions are made on"gut-feel". With the knowledge and experience  from Tolpagorni specialists, together with our framework, tools and models we can support you in your role  to confidently drive your products and services to success.  
Let us empower you!

Product Management Training Stockholm
Product Planning Training Stockholm

Product Planning
Product managers spend more than 50% of their time doing product planning. Even so seven out of ten development projects are failing to reach profitability. Requirement management is the key to success.  But do you have the knowledge and methods in place to ensure that you  develop the right product - the right way? Make sure you do! 


Product Strategy
How to  create the  great products for tomorrow while you are busy with today’s business? Creating executable product strategies is truly difficult. As product manager you are responsible for setting the direction and make sure that the everyday work is alinged with the product strategy and the company's strategic work.  Let us help you! 

Product Strategy Training Stockholm
Product Marketing Training Stockholm

Product Marketing
Value Driven Product Marketing is the key to reach market success. We help you to build your value logic, to support company readiness for yourt product launch and create effective marketing communication that supports sales. View trainings

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 Product-Management Training  Certified Product Manager   more.png 21 - 22 ISPMA .jpg Part II: 12-13 Oct. 
Product-Management Training  Convincing Presentation Skills    more.png 6 & 29  diploma.png  


Product-Management Training PM for Engineers     more.png 7 - 8 diploma.png  
Pdt-Strategy.jpg Product Strategy     more.png 19 - 20 ISPMA .jpg Part II: 16-17 Nov.


Product-Planning Training Product Planning      more.png 9 - 10 ISPMA .jpg  Part II: 30Nov-01 Dec.
Product-Management Training PM Essentials     more.png 22   diploma.png  
CF Conference Collaboration & Ecosystem Strategies more.png 23    
WS Value Engineering WorkShop     more.png 24    


Pdt-Marketing.jpg Marketing & Launch      more.png 7 -8 diploma.png  
 Product-Management Training  Certified Product Manager   more.png 14 - 15 ISPMA .jpg Part II: 11-12 Jan. 

Tolpagorni trainings holds a good mix of both practical and theoretical know-how for ambitious and product oriented individuals that wants to develop their skills.

I have successfully used frameworks and philosophies from Tolpagorni in real work scenarios for many years.

Conny-738097-edited.jpgConny Axner
Product Manager at Axians


I have attended several training sessions and seminars at Tolpagorni and always found them both insightful and valuable. You are often quite alone in your role as a product manager and being able to discuss with others facing similar challenges.

Fredrik_Sandberg-874651-edited.jpgFredrik Sandberg
VP Products at  Accedo