A Conference for High Tech Product Managers in B2B 

The Product Leadership Day is the world’s largest product management conference for technology intensive products in the B2B arena. We gather the brightest Product Managers in Stockholm to build, exchange and  inspire one another in the art of Product Management. The conference has been extremely appreciated due to the focus and intensity of the program. The blend of theory and practical tips provide participants with the tools on your journey towards becoming a successful product Manager.


Build the RIGHT Product 

The core of Product Management 

Product managers spend most of their time with Product Planning. The theme of 2017 is therefore on how to build the right product but also how to build the product right.

– optimizing the portfolio.

 Global trends in digitalization and data driven product development are often seen in headlines. What does it mean for my product? Can I add software or services to my offering? Should we focus on a component or deliver the entire end-to-end solution?
 Which parts can we leave to partners?

interacting with R&D to make sure the strategy is implemented as intended.

Product managers still struggle with handling the continuous flow of incoming requirements. How are successful companies managing the interaction between “orderer” (PM) and the “supplier” (R&D)? Agile working practices are being deployed also by pure hardware companies. More product functionality is moved to “the cloud” and from up-front purchase to subscription models.
Learn from others and be inspired to become a high performing product manager!

Early Bird Value Driven Product Management


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Early Bird Value Driven Product Management


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Product Management Essentials - Training

Our competitive landscape is changing at an ever increasing pace. Strategic decisions cannot any longer be taken only in the board rooms. It is our strong belief that Product Management as a function and profession is growing in importance – especially for technology companies. The Tolpagorni Product Management Essentials Training  will give you tools, methods and know-how – instantly usable in your daily professional life.

During a full day Tolpagorni expert trainers will guide you into all corners of the product management landscape. Gaining market insights, creating product strategies, implementing product planning and driving product market launches.

This one day training is suitable for individuals who are in charge of products, ordering development or collecting market requirements and those who are responsible for product marketing and planning product launches. Participants are usually product managers, business developers, product marketing professionals.

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