Gothenburg | 17-18-19 October 2018

The ONLY event for Product Managers working with technology-intensive products in the B2B arena

Product managers have never been more important for tech companies to stay ahead of the competition and continuously create successful products. During Tolpagorni's 10 years of experience in this field, we have come across outstanding Product managers who have made the difficult work look easy.

Product Leadership Days is a three-day event built around the conference where we transform ideas into action, thanks to great speakers who will share their secrets behind success as well as challenges and failures. Our experts at Tolpagorni will also deliver two training/workshop sessions to build and learn product management capabilities.

PM Essentials
5,900 SEK

Gaining Market Insights

Creating Product Strategy

Building the Product Marketing & Delivering a Product Launch

Managing the Requirements

- 20 seats available -

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6,900 SEK

Meet experts face to face

Networking opportunities

Learn new tips and tools

Grow and challenge yourself

Regain focus and confidence

Learn as a team: Go 5 Pay for 3 

8,900 SEK

Discover the true values in your deliveries using the powerful Value Tree® 

Increase the quality of your Value Argumentation

Learn how to react to changes in customer behavior and stay on top of the competition

Create effective marketing communication that supports sales

15 seats available -

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"I think it has been an incredibly inspirational day. I leave the event feeling inspired and new ideas of HOW to do things differently."
Elin Kindberg, Senior Product Manager - SECTRA
"This training covered a lot of the basics insights of what is it that product management is doing or should be doing and the different aspects."
About PM Essentials
Marco Lang, Product Manager – Tacton Systems AB
"This event has given me a clear insight and understanding into the role product management."
About PM Essentials & Conference
Matt Gunnel, Product Manager - Dion Global Solutions

Product Leadership Days' conference

GOTHIA TOWERS - 18 October 2018

The first batch of confirmed speakers

Anja Simonsson

Vice President, Communications, Marine Division at Alfa Laval

Christina Berntsson

Chief Product Officer at Appspotr

Mattias Wahlberg

Product Leader TACDIS DMS at Volvo Car Retail Solutions AB

Peter Tyreholt

Chief Product Officer at Visiba Care

To be announced...
To be announced...
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Invest in your Product Management Career

Join a day full of learning, insights, and network!

Practice your skills
Learn and build new knowledge.
Days to talk, listen and learn from each other.
Networking with peers
Help each other uncover ideas and spark inspiration when you get to know each other on a personal level.
Get Inspiration
Amazing speakers will share their secrets to success as well as challenges and failures - and how to avoid them!.
Where doest it happen?

Gothia Towers, Mässans gata 24, Gothenburg


Any questions? Feel free to send an email to 
or to call her: +46 72 579 89 85.

Product Leadership Days

Product Leadership Days are a series of events organized by Tolpagorni about Product Management for High Tech companies in the B2B arena.