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Strategic decisions can no longer be taken only in the board rooms. It should be your strong belief that Product Management as a function and profession is of growing importance – especially for technology companies. 
This one day tutorial is a foundation for high tech product management. 

High Tech Product Management is a challenging task.
The opportunities are humongous. The strategic alternatives are vast. The role of Product Management is to secure that requirements are aligned with the other activities.
This tutorial will show how successful product management achieves this.


What I will learn:

  • To create market insight
  • Tools and methods for product strategy
  • Building the product marketing and delivering a product launch
  • Managing the Requirements with a powerful structure tool

After the training:

  • Gain your Product Marketing insight
  • How to define Strategic positioning
  • Get a deeper understanding of Product requirements engineering
  • How to create a Product launch
For whom
  • Individuals who are in charge of products, orderding development or collects market requirements,
  • People who are responsible for product marketing and planning product launches.
About the Training

This one day course will give you the necessary tools for handling complex situations and ambiguous decisions.
But primarily it will give you the tools to align requirement management with product marketing, market analysis, and strategy creation.

Gothenburg, 17 October 2018

  • Hands-on tools and metods
  • Share experience cross companies and industires
  • Get an overview of Product management
5.900 SEK excl. VAT