Master the Art of Product Management!

Not many Product managers have gone through any forma training to succeed in their role. You might have felt frustration and  occasionally based important decision on “gut-feel” rather than tested and proven methods. But what is actually required in terms of knowledge and competences to become  successful as a product manager? After several yeras of research, assessments and discussions with product managers, it has become clearer what the demands are. We are proud to offer you world class product management training, specially desinged for technology products in the B2B arena. 

Below you find trainings reltaed to the Product management role and function.



Logo_PM Essentials.pngProduct Management Essentials
You know "products" but you want to deep digger and understand better what the Product MANAGEMENT really is. You need the basis to be efficient quickly in your new role as a product manager. Show me details


Logo_Network.pngProduct Management Network
Are you an experienced product manager looking for inspiration to take the next step in your career? Joining a network is an opportunity to meet regularly with other professionals with shared commitment to identify ways of                                      working and addressing similar challenges!
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Logo_8 Tools.png8 Tools for success - eLearning
The course is a blended program with both eLearning and physical workshops. The course includes methodology and tools to help you more effective in the role as Product Manager and delivering profitable products with great                                              value to your customer. Show me details


Logo_Convincing Presentation Skills.pngConvincing Presentation Skills
As Product manager it’s crucial to master the art of convincing presentations. From this training, you will see improvements in making presentations to clients, educating sellers, leading workshops or convincing                                                     management. Show me details


Logo_PM for Engineers.pngProduct Management for Engineers
You are new in your role as Product manager, or striving to become one, this is a two day introduction course to give you the foundational knowledge in Product Management. Show me details


Become a certified Product Manager ISPMA - TolpagorniCertified Product Manager Foundation level
Build a product management knowledge foundation based on the ISPMA framework and Tolpagorni experience. Gain attitudes, tools and knowledge for commercial and strategic product management.
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About ISPMA Certifications

ISPMA .jpgThe “ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager” certificates designate a person that has competences in the management of software products, the software parts of software-intensive products, software as a service (SaaS), and                                                                        software solutions that are maintained beyond a                                                          single development project.

Check our other ISPMA Certifications

                                     Product Planning ISPMA - Tolpagorni     Product Strategy-ISPMA - Tolpagorni


 More product management trainings related to;

more.png How to create executable product strategies? 

more.png How to create realizable roadmaps?

more.png  How to make your product succeed in the market?

more.png What's the TRUE value of your product/offering?