Experienced Product Manager

You are an experienced product manager, congratulations to having one of the best jobs!
What’s so beautiful with product management is that you can grow within your role and have a career without even changing your title. 

Most product managers don’t have an official education in product management and have learnt the skills needed on the job. You might have felt perplexed and occasionally based important decision on “gut-feel” rather than tested and proven methods. 


Be certified in Product Planning-ISPMA - Tolpagorni

Product Planning ISPMA Excellence Level
You are an experienced product manager but  you’d need to spend some more time understanding the complexity of your product and hang out with the R&D team. Sometimes, you need more proven methods than "gut-feel" to take decisions. Show me details


Logo_Agile-PM.pngAgile Product Management
You have now a few years' experience of Product Management and you need tools and perspective to drive your portfolio and to create executable strategies with an Agile approach. Show me details




About ISPMA Certification

ISPMA .jpgThe “ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager” certificates designate a person that has competences in the management of software products, the software parts of software-intensive products, software as a service (SaaS), and software solutions that are maintained beyond a single development project.

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