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The Product Leadership Day 18 October 2018


DSC04053_EDIT-943018-editedMATT LEMAY

Author of "Product Management in Practice"

Matt LeMay is the author of Product Management in Practice. He has helped build and scale product management practices at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 50 enterprises. Matt was selected as a Top 50 Product Management influencer by the PM Year in Review for both 2016 and 2015.

Matt is co-founder and partner at Sudden Compass, a consultancy that helps organizations take a cross-functional and customer-centric approach to working with data. In his work as a technology communicator, Matt has developed and led digital transformation and data strategy workshops for companies like GE, American Express, Pfizer, McCann, and Johnson & Johnson.

Previously, Matt worked as Senior Product Manager at music startup Songza (acquired by Google), and Head of Consumer Product at Bitly. Matt is also a musician, recording engineer, and the author of a book about singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. He lives in Santa Fe, NM with his wife Joan and their turtle Sheldon.

Molly stevens - squareMOLLY STEVENS

Director of User Experience Research, Uber

Molly is an impact focused product leader with 16+ years in user experience and a global focus on improving the user experience across technologies and services. Molly has worked as UX researcher at Google for many years. Thereafter she moved on to be Head of Product Management at SocialCode. Molly is now working as Director of User Experience at Uber in San Francisco, where she is leading a team to research how to improve the Uber experience - for drivers, riders, businesses and Uber itself.

Collaborating across all groups to understand people and their needs - through quantitative and qualitative insights to impact product design and development around the globe. Molly will talk about what she does at Uber as well as the interface between UX and Product Management. 

ann-christineAnne-Christine Lane

Head of Nordic Customer Service Processes, PostNord

Anne-Christine's  focus at PostNord is to develop qualitative and effective solutions that contribute to increased sales, customer satisfaction and profitability. She have many years of experience in business and strategy development for the customer and channels. 

Right now she is responsible of customer service strategies, technology, RPA and development that ensures customer value and moves us toward Nordic harmonization. Anne-Christine will share her experiences working at PostNord for over 15 years and seen the customer behavior change affecting the products and services as well as the business of the company. 



"The Google Translate of IoT standards - Taking the first steps to more efficient and transparent Ecosystems!" Nicolas is the CEO of Go-IoT, delivering solutions for the Building Automation Industry. Go-IoT solves integration problems in the Internet of Things- industry through cutting-edge hardware, software, software as a service, and cloud solutions for smart buildings. Go-IoT have solutions to make it easier for others to innovate with buildings and to help create the platform economy that is developing more and more for buildings and cities worldwide. Their mission demands new business models and to find new partners and customers in the horizontal IoT-industry that want to be a part of smarter cities.

Go-IoT is creating a seamless experience between different IoT standards and opening up the world of building data for others to take advantage of. During his talk, Nicolas will share Go-IoT’s journey towards creating a platform for smart buildings. Why are they successful and what challenges they are facing as a key player in the ecosystem.

christina Appspotr bildCHRISTINA BERNTSSON

Chief Product Officer, Appspotr

Christina is driven by continuously optimization both work wise and in her personal life. That has lead to the passion for product development since products always can become better, more efficient, reached out to a new target group and so forth.
At Appspotr Christina is Chief Product Officer with an experience of working with IT-products for the last 11 years in different IT companies. She is leading the existing product towards Creatives and Developers in parallel to establish the product in China.
Anja Simonsson


VP Communications, Alfa Laval

Anja has worked with global product launches in various roles for 20 years. In her present capacity as Vice President Communications, Alfa Laval Marine Division she daily faces challenges of securing aligned messaging across country-specific channels, in various cultures and with vast geographical distances.

Are customers responding to the same messages and communication tools globally and what are the trickiest challenges with customers going online?

Mattias Tacdis


Product Leader Tacdis, Volco Car Retail Solutions

Mattias personal drive is to create software products that users want to use. Great user experience is key for both corporate users and for end customers. Volvo Car Retail Solution have undertaken an internal agile transformation which has unleashed the power of the agile way of working where they involve customers and users early to get quick response and feedback. Our internal pace has increased a lot and time to market for new features has decreased by a factor of 10, at least. 

When your market transforms, for example due to digitalization, it’s hard to predict the future. To move from a known state towards greater unpredictability is scary in itself. To do that journey with a rigid organization stuck in processes and structures can end in a virtual catastrophe. Poor user experience and lack of trust in the market is the unavoidable result. How can you transform into an agile organization that avoids that result and instead delivers a great user experience? During the talk, Mattias will share Volvo Car Retail System’s journey. How we try, learn and change, to fail fast but smart so that we can deliver better value with greater impact sooner than excepted.

Peter Tyreholt - VisibaPETER TYREHOLT

Chief Product Office, Visiba Care

Peter believes in creating value by focusing on building the right thing from business strategy level to feature level. With a history as a product manager, sales manager, head of account and product teams and with the last five years as a management consultant helping companies transform their business and customer value in digital transformation he has started on a new challenge.

As Chief Product Officer at Visiba, a rapidly growing company transforming healthcare by enabling virtual care integrated with traditional care in one continuum. Peter is responsible for building a product team from scratch for a product where the market is under creation and competition is exploding. Which competencies do you need? How do you educate the team and company about product thinking and continuous discovery? What do you focus on when everybody needs something? Peter will share his process and thinking when building a new product team.

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