It's not about the Product 

LYNK & CO is the new global car brand addressing the needs and preferences of a Global Connected Generation and challenging old car industry conventions. Lynk & CO is a sister brand to Volvo and owned by Geely. Their first  01 version is one of the world's most connected car with a range of smart services and  have received help from several large technology companies in the world, including Ericsson, Microsoft and Alibaba.

 Niklas will talk about a completely new way of developing cars for the future. The product is no longer only the car. It's about packaging and innovative business models. Niklas will challenge our thinking and tell us what the future of the care industry will look like.”

"When I talked to Niklas I got more excited than I have been in year. He told me the story aboutwhat they are developing on the west coast of Sweden.  Niklas made comparison with Lynk & Co and Apple and Tesla.  It's not a care they are devloping, its a service. I know I can't  wait to hear him tell us the whole story in March!" View their launch video here  


Vice President, Customer Offer Management at LYNK & CO

Niklas Andersson Lynk-378132-edited.jpg

Niklas is a curious leader with 20 years professional experience  of direct, indirect and strategic leadership within the areas of Product Marketing, Revenue Management, Pricing, Consumer Insights, Market Research and Intelligence  at Volvo. The past year he has been in charge of The Customer Offer team that develops Lynk & CO's business offers, cars, soft offers and services. Niklas strive to understand the customer and define the right value proppostion for him. 
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A Disruptive Service
with the Right Product 

Bzzt offers a new (fast, cheap and emission-free) way of traveling in the cities. It is the first company in the world that offers the straightforward price model of "3 öre" per meter which changes the game of intra-city traveling. It is also the first taxi service in Sweden that is awarded with "Bra Miljöval" . The vehicles are three-wheeled electric "pods" that are extremely energy efficient. Bzzt launched their Service in Sweden 2015. 

 Örjan, product manager & co-founder,  will let you see and try the service at the Product Leadership Day. He will talk about their journey to develop the right service and product for the market.  And also about Product Management in Start-Ups.

"Tolpagorni loves this cool service by Bzzt! Finally there's a cheap, environment friendly alternative to intra-city traveling. However, challenges do exist. How do you change behaviors? How do you cooperate with Uber and traditional Taxi? How do you make the service scaleable?  Don't miss Örjan and take a tour in his Pod at the conference." 



Product Manager & Co-Founder Bzzt!


Örjan is passionate about Product Management in Startups.
He has a established and delivered Product Management in cleantech companies: Ecofiltration, Solkompaniet and Powerfy.  He started his career as an Consultant at Cap Gemini. Örjan is today a Product Manager and co-founder at Bzzt!  
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How to inspire and motivate for success

Pia-Marias presentation will cover what managers need to be aware of when making it possible for teams to self organize in an agile reality, unleashing human potential and optimizing for performance. Leadership practices needs to be adjusted to the new paradigm of employee-driven organizations and it will be more about creating prerequisites for innovation in infrastructure, culture, processes and systems. Motivating employees becomes possible with less control, transparent visualization, trust and continuous improvement.

"We are excited to have Pia-Maria as one of our speakers. She has an extensive experience working with Management 3.0 and Agile Leadership. How to motivate self-organizing teams in R&D and marketing. We are sure she'll inspire you and improve your ways of working with your team. The product manager might be the most important leader in creating efficient output from R&D.” 


Inspiring Director at GreenBullet and Founder Agile people


 Pia-Maria is the founder and owner of GreenBullet, and specialize in Agile leadership, Agile HR and Talent Management. She is a People management consultant and devoted change agent with an enterprise perspective. Her main focus is to contribute to creating organizations where people perform better and feel engaged. Agile leadership and agile frameworks are the best ways to create successful change, in her opinion. 
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Finding the RIGHT product in the IoT Ecosystem

 H&D Wireless is one of the hottest companies in Swedish Tech right now. H&D Wireless offer customers the possibility to quickly and cost effective digitalize their products and make them accessible over the internet. They support customers to convert their business model from selling a device in a box to offer a service and content via the Cloud. They started as a producer of Wi-Fi modules but needed to grow. We invited Anders to talk about how they decided to broaden their portfolio. To make up your mind about what to do (and what to leave to others) is a key decision for product management.


vP Business development at H&D Wireless


Anders has over 20 years of experience in the wireless telecom industry. His experience from different roles at  large companies as well as start-ups.  Anders is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Wireless Solution and Nanoradio AB,  that was  acquired by Samsung in 2012.
At Samsung Anders worked as Senior Director Marketing defining future Wireless IoT products as well as business developer in the IoT market. Anders became the CEO and founder of Connect2Things in 2015 with the vision to become a major supplier of Connectivity for Consumer Audio Electronics.
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Agile Business, not just development, with an Organic Organization

World leading products often need a bigger team. A team of teams. To work Agile at scale, its common to use frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, NEXUS etc. However, the market today requires continuous and more substantial updates of the product. The product has become a service and business models are now often service-oriented. Scaling the agile approach in product development is no longer sufficient enough - today, the entire organization need to be Agile and work together. Sometimes frameworks can even become counter-productive. The most successful organizations work rather "organic".  What this means Patric will discuss more in detail during his session.

“We are exited that Patric will join us and share his view and experience working with some of the world leading software companies working in an agile organizations. Patric will share insights and success factors to make agile work in an organization. Hansoft is known for their development tool Hansoft A3, but they have also released a new software tool for Product managers, Favro.” 


Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Hansoftpatrik palm-927862-edited.jpg

Patric Palm is an entrepreneur and visionary in the field modern organization. He was fascinated by leadership issues when he worked as an instructor in the Swedish military air force. Subsequently, he has been involved in and started several companies and NGOs. He is a frequent speaker in international conferences on innovation, organization, entrepreneurship, games and software development.
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Collaboration in software ecosystems

Developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) area have so far focused on technical solutions that enable the connection of devices to the Internet. This technology has now reached a sufficient maturity to enable companies to implement IoT on a broad scale, which leads to a shift in attention towards large-scale systems engineering and business issues. This presentation summarizes our research on software ecosystems for IoT, suggesting a partly open development model in which different actors can extend a base product with new features and services. This approach has the potential of improving time-to-market for new features; system-of-systems integration; and open innovation, but it also puts new challenges on product management. In the presentation, we will discuss implications on business models, system architecture, and quality assurance when transforming into an IoT ecosystem.


“Jakob will talk about the results of the latest research – products in the Internet-of-things Ecosystem. What is the impact on business models, product architecture and ways-of-collaboration between organizations” 


Director Software system lab and people technologies lab at SICS

Jakob is director of the Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory at SICS, and also professor of computer science at Mälardalen University in Västerås. He has almost 15 years of industrial experience, primarily from the automotive industry, but has also been active as an academic researcher in parallel and holds a PhD in computer systems from Linköping University (1997). His research interests are primarily related to the development of complex software-intensive systems. 
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Finding the RIGHT time to launch a leading tech product

 The story of Fingerprint cards and the biometrics sensor products is a modern fairytale on the Scandinavian HiTech Scene. We invited the entrepreneur himself to talk about his experience from product considerations done underway.   To  decide what  to do internally and what to do with partners. Investing in future technologies in parallel with deployment of the existing solution.  The role of product  management to guide and align.



High Growth Executive,
Former President and CEO at Fingerprint Cards


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