Magnus Billgren
CEO & Founder
+46 76 016 14 94

We support clients in the difficult art of Product Management. We are a specialist company passionated about technology intensive products in the B2B sphere.
I have the best job ever! Working with great companies to develop and market fantastic products.

kristin svensson
Product Management Training Specialist
+46 72 579 89 85

 I have been giving competence advice to product managers who are looking for a learning journey for the past 7 years.  I manage a portfolio of training where we constantly develop new formats of delivery, including certificate programs, conferences and eLearning that we deliver both onsite & publicly. I am also head of marketing for Tolpagorni and seek  seek new partnerships and business development in Sweden and globally.

torbjörn Höjer
Product & Design Strategist
+46 70 951 80 19
Product manager with high technical understanding as well as broad experience from product marketing, project management and industrial design/styling. I am easy to cooperate with and a positive group member yet pushing for the best solution for each decision.
Solution Manager 
+46 72 555 15 44
As a solution Manager, I make sure that all our trainings are running smoothly. I love Marketing Communication and I want to build strong and long-term relationships with our customers.
Lionel boscher
Marketing Communication Specialist
+46 73 144 39 70

Curious in all latest innovations, I am very enthusiastic about marketing and communication. I support initiatives of the company through external and internal marketing, communication projects and digital production.

Head of Services 
+46 70 286 83 54

I have been working with B2B marketing and product marketing of high tech products and software for over 20 years. I am a thinker and a doer, and in many different roles I have gained extensive experience in launching products and creating marketing deliverables actually being used by sales.