What we do 

We are a specialist company in the area of Product Management. We know how to create and manage products. To work with us you will need to plan for success. We turn your strategy into successful products!

Our customer use our expertise to:

  1.  Create the right  products
  2. Make the products reach their full potential in the market
  3. Build and Manage a portfolio of products
  4. Create and use product strategies
  5. Build an efficient Product Management organization
  6. Build  Product Management Skills 

Tolpagorni takes the lead in making your Portfolio reaching the next level. We will make it happen!  

Our product management Toolbox is well equipped and we know how to make use of the tools.  We have found the secrets for massive market success. We will share our knowledge and you will design the right products and ensure their success in the market – that is what Product management is about. We even offer a guarantee to our work! If you are not satisfied - you do not pay. 


Our mission is to increase the average salary for Product Managers. In order to achieve that we need to increase and prove the value of Product Management.


We know Product Management. Everyone at Tolpagorni has a technology and product management background from different industries. We live and breathe product management  every day with hands-on work. At the same time, we collaborate with research and we develop new tools and techniques for efficient product management processes. The combination of theoretical and practical expertise is what enable us to deliver great value to our clients. 


The most important is delivering result to our customers. We understand that theory on its own will not deliver great outcome. We excel in making knowledge practical. This approach also develops the role of the product manager for you to add even more value to your business. We have a delivery process inspired by agile methodologies and the philosopher Hegel. Our methodology challenge the traditional way of consulting.  We  do not believe in pre-studies. We believe in executable deliveries. Our focus is at giving you a practical outcome that can be applied to your everyday work tasks. Clients often praise our ability to find the best way to deliver our expertise in their particular situation. This usually involves a mix of consultancy services, hands-on workshops and daily inspiration.

We are convinced that we can add value to your product management processes – so we always include a customer satisfaction guarantee.


       Tolpagorni the Mountain

Tolpagorni is a mountain in the north of Sweden.  It is voted as Sweden’s most beautiful mountain. At one of its sides the classic trekking route ”Siluette leden” i located. The climb is a challenge and not for beginners. It has a rocky path and sometimes it is tricky to find the right way forward and upwards. At the summit awaits view and an extraordinary downhill skiing run… In short, the journey presents similar challenges to those found in Product Management.

Tolpagorni was founded in 2009 with a mission to develop the profession and methodologies of high tech product management within B2B. In the complex global arena of high tech business, effective product management is key to success. Even today, it is not always obvious how the work is best done and how product management can be implemented in a practical and effective way. This work includes many mountains to climb, it is a rocky path, and is not for beginners… but for those persistent, well equipped explorers, it is a beautiful experience and the path is there to be found!

We help develop successful products and product management capability at technology-intensive companies!


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