Product managers have always been agile specially software product managers. The problem was the Waterfall Stage-gate development process in R&D.   Now, when R&D goes Scrum – how shall we leverage the opportunities in product management? How to combine strategy and roadmapping with iterative development?

Can our delivery and marketing organizations also be agile? Can our hardware products (we do talk Lean) use the best practice from the software industry? What will the impact be on the product management role itself?

To answer these and more questions and to create executable strategies, Tolpagorni teamed up with other thought leaders from around the world to develop and create a hands-on online program in Agile Product Management.

Download the full program description or go directly to the checkout via Agile PM Lab. 


Brief Content Overview

This is a eLearning with complete coverage of all basic and intermediate concepts in Agile Product Management. Please note that this program is not intended to cover only agile product development methodologies such as Scrum.

Rather, it is focused on an Agile approach to the entire Product Management discipline for Product Managers in high technology businesses. The program is presented in an interactive environment. Students are guided through the 4 phases of the program and have 6 weeks to finish it.

PHASE 1 – The Agile Challenge – Key Success Factors

- Organizational impact – implementing Agile in a growing company
- The Agile challenge for Product Managers
- Agile methodology and theory

PHASE 2 – Agile Strategy – Defining the Offering

- Market Insights – Value identification
- Product Vision – Creating strategy with Personas
- Agile Requirements Engineering – The need to love requirements
- Legal & IPR – Protecting your ideas

PHASE 3 – Agile Development – Scrum or What?

- Roadmapping – Applying Roadmaps in an agile setting
- Leading the R&D team informally

PHASE 4 – Agile Launch – Delivering Value

- Company readiness – Get your whole team ready
- Agile contracts – How can we solve the conflict between what Sales promises and the agile development team delivers?
- Agile pricing – Often the pricing/packaging lags the delivery of new features
- Value Tree and Marketing – Using Agile principles in the marketing team
- Final Conclusion from a Thought Leader



Mentors in Agile Product Management


                                       Rich Mironov                                                                                            Magnus Billgren

                                   Silicon Valley Veteran                                                                                         Product Management Insighter


                                      Adrienne Tan                                                                                               Erik Bjernulf

                           PM Specialist from Down Under                                                                             Product Planning Specialist


                                     Tony Gorschek                                                                                                   Steve Johnson

              Software Engineering Methodology Guru                                                          “The Godfather of Product Management”



Sofie Ohlsén