Working at Tolpagorni is something different

All of us testify to the intellectual challenges, creativity, the ambition level and an exceptional learning curve when joining the Tolpagorni team.

Tolpagorni is a global leader when it comes to high-tech B2B product management. We create and develop ways of working and methods for High Performance Product Management. The heart and soul of Tolpagorni derives from our continuous search for enlightenment. By participating in research, working with clients and developing training materials, we influence on a rapidly expanding profession.

If you get excited over new technologies and concepts such as “asymmetric business models” or "requirement abstraction models" you are probably a candidate to join the team!

A job at Tolpagorni guarantee you to get new insights, learn about models and gain experience in the profession of high-tech B2B product management. 








Torbjörn Höjer
+46 709518019

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"At Tolpagorni I have been given the opportunity to established a profound understanding for Product management in B2B and to create new thinking and models. Truly challenging and stimulating!"

Bo Tiderman
Product Strategy Specialist

"Working at Tolpagorni is a blessing. I have learnt so many things in such a short time. If you dare challenge yourself and try new things, this is the perfect playground for experimentation and learning. We are a small but fast moving international team where we respect and cherish each other."

Kristin svensson
Chief Training Officer