Is your product management operation efficient? Can it be better? Do you have your optimal structure in place? Are you willing to challenge the way you work? Do an Assessment!

Tolpagorni assess and benchmark the  implementation of product management at B2B technology companies. We have the experience and insights from working with a number of leading, global technology companies - and we have the tools and methodology based on research and experience. We can define and give related comments to your challenge areas.

Assess your product management capabilities to identify areas of excellence and areas of challenge. Where are they and why are they? Using the Tolpagorni Product management Framework based on the ISPMA* framework as a baseline. (*International Software Product Management Association)



Benchmark your product management organization from a functional- or process perspective to verify and challenge your ways of working. Is your way of working optimized or do you have bottlenecks that needs to be addressed? Tolpagorni can identify and give advice based on our extensive experience and our field tested models.



Assessment Survey

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