2017 Wrap-up: our favorite readings!

At Tolpagorni, Product Management has been divided into 4 segments.

Wrap-up-2017_4 segments


With the year coming to a closing and people going off for Christmas and New Year’s. Let’s check out the 4 blogs from each of these categories.

Product Strategy

IoT will tell you about your Product Management function
By Thomas Johansson

There are different types of Product Management functions which is used differently based on product usage and industry. This blog speaks about how we are going through an IOT pandemic and how the product management function needs to be dynamic. It asks a basic question of ‘How will we make good and sustainable money in IoT?’ and gives an insight to determine if the PM function is working for your company and product.

Product Development

Why you should take care of your product ecosystem?
By Erik Bjernulf

What is Ecosystem management? What is a product Ecosystem? Bjernulf brings you through what these are in very simple day to day terminologies. He gives the reader some tools on visualizing your partners in the Ecosystem. If you are interested in understanding what these are and how you can leverage your innovation using your eco-system, then check out this blog!

Product Planning

What mistakes are you making when it comes to roadmapping?
By Erik Bjernulf

Road-mapping is not a new concept, but it is not a perfected concept either. Another wonderful blogpost by Bjernulf where he informs his readers of what are the dos and don’ts of road-mapping. He also ends off with an example for readers to look at and understand the points he had made previously. A very informative and important blogpost for all to read!

Product Marketing

How you can improve the way you communicate?
By Karl-Erik Carlström

Carlström speaks of Theme Communication and how is this helpful for your product. He speaks about the usual marketing methods but brings it one step further by attaching a theme into it. A very interesting read for Product Marketers to maximize their resources and stay consistent.

And you, any great post of 2017 you can recommend? Tell us below!

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