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Let’s face it, selling products these days is both easy and difficult. Easy, because reaching customers round the world has become far simpler thanks to the range of mediums available. Take LinkedIn for example. Of its 500 million users, 106 million log on and engage with the site’s content every month.[1] Seeing these figures, by using LinkedIn alone, companies are able to reach to more than 106 million people. And up to 500 million, if you really try!

Of course, this brings with it its own set of challenges. Competition has increased exponentially and will continue to increase in years to come. In 2014, the Telegraph reported on the creation of 581,000 new companies – more than one every minute, in the UK alone.[2] Similarly, Tech Circle revealed that India is producing four new start-ups every day.[3] While not every start-up is necessarily flourishing, these figures still demonstrate the incredible amount of competition that exists in the marketplace – not forgetting the amount of information your customers are exposed to through the various platforms you’ve selected as well. 

With this thick cloud of information, how can you cut through the fog and light the way for your customers? Simple – by creating value-driven products, an ‘ah-ha’ moment that many companies and large organizations are beginning to have. Thomas Norden recently conducted a webinar in which he spoke about identifying the value of your product and communicating it effectively. I highly recommend this video to every product manager and product marketer, particularly if you’re looking for ways to communicate value to your various stakeholders and customers.

What struck me the most from the webinar was this insight: “It’s not super advanced, but the magic happens when you put all the pieces together.” Most of us are already on the right track when it comes to identifying and communicating value – but our attempts are unsuccessful as our ideas are scattered and dissimilar. It’s here that Thomas’s guidance becomes incredibly constructive, helping to streamline diverse ideas into a seamless concept, one that is easy to understand, and hugely effective in communicating the value of your product or service effectively.

Take a look at Thomas’s webinar here and check out our other blog posts on Product Marketing which might be relevant for you!


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