Guide to Scale Your Local Marketing during the Pandemic

The lockdown restrictions put in place during the rage of the Covid-19 pandemic made our immediate worlds instantly smaller. In these tiny spaces, we rediscovered the value of community and the importance of being part of the local culture.

As an ongoing McKinsey research shows, this new sense of kinship and belongingness encouraged communities to look at their local businesses to meet their consumer needs. People started supporting their local businesses, becoming familiar with the owners, and discovered in the process, that these smaller and more personal setups could compete with large organizations in terms of quality and safety.

This has spurred a greater interest in US consumers to keep doing business with their local vendors. As the product manager for a local firm, this is an unprecedented chance for you to actively invest in local marketing strategies that communicate your product’s value to consumers who are already interested. Employ all the digital marketing tools at your disposal to show them what your product can do for them. Highlight how using it makes their life easier. Do it consistently to create lasting connections with these interested consumers.

Below we share 6 strategies that bolster your local marketing and ensure that your business is poised to offer a personalized and targeted experience to every one of its consumers.

Increase Your Brand’s Online Visibility

While people do want to connect with their local businesses, they are still going online to find those businesses. To ensure that you are accessible to people looking for you online, you need to have a strong digital presence.

A great-looking logo design to brand your business, a super smooth website, and active social media are some of the prerequisites for increasing your online visibility. The more visible you are online, the more people can find you and discover the things you are doing for your local business.

Localized SEO

According to an online study, 60% of all Internet searches are now conducted from mobile. As per Google, 76% of these searches result in the potential buyer visiting the business within a day and 28% of all mobile searches end up converting into a sale.

These are extraordinary numbers and emphasize the power of local SEO.

Local SEO is a location-based marketing strategy to target local keywords – phrases people use to search for businesses nearby: ‘best sushi near me’, car repair in Phoenix’, and ‘clothes for kids’. Search engines understand that the intent behind these searches, even without the ‘near me’ tag, is to find vendors selling these items.

To amplify and strengthen your local SEO strategy, here’s a quick checklist:

  • Add your business to Google My Business and other local listings
  • Include your address, phone numbers, and business hours information
  • Make sure your company website is functional, updated, and optimized for mobile
  • Encourage customer reviews
  • Include pictures
  • Include your business description
  • Display your company logo

Local Online Ads

Where much of local SEO is free, the online ads are not. You’d need to set aside a budget and research the local keywords that you want to target.

Investing in local online ads will further make sure that when people are online searching for businesses like yours, you are not only up there with a powerful SEO strategy but that your ad is also visible to all your target consumers in different stages of the buyer journey.

The PPC ads appear on top of organic search results on Google and when people are looking to buy stuff, they are likely to click on the top 3 results than waste time scrolling down. Buying local online ads strengths your already robust organic SEO strategy.

Localized Social Media

Social media has emerged as the largest marketing platform during the pandemic. At the pandemic’s peak, social media channels were the only avenues open for marketers to remain connected with their consumers. While we saw countless brands coming up with creative and insightful marketing campaigns to entertain and inform their clientele during the pandemic, we didn’t see a lot of them utilizing the power of social media at the micro-level.

Localized social media is not something that many brands or small businesses are doing right now. Consider this your moment to shine.

Scale your local marketing by investing in localized social media strategy, such as:

  • Ensuring each of your business locations has a separate social media page.
  • Making sure that the tone of language, deals offered, and graphics used, etc. must be relevant to local communities.
  • Encouraging reviews for individual franchise locations.
  • Responding to reviews, comments, and messages on your local social media pages.
  • Maintaining active cooperation between all local social media pages as well as the main social media channel of the company

Going local at this micro-level will ensure that you are a part of purchasing conversations with the highest potential of intent and conversion.

Micro and Nano Influencers

Even the most inexperienced marketers know the excellent value of bringing a popular influencer into your marketing fold. However, when it comes to scaling your local marketing, zeroing in on influencers that are local celebrities is more important than signing a deal with a mega global star.

For this reason, start looking for micro and nano influencers who have smaller but more targeted (and in many cases, more loyal) social media followings. These influencers know the pulse of the community and can offer you great insights into the local language and culture.

These partnerships will not only gain your local business more authenticity with the community but also help you create campaigns, products, and services that purpose-driven and solve more targeted problems.

Voice Searches

Voice searches and local SEO are closely related concepts. Currently, nearly 60% of the people who use voice search options do so to find a local business. If you are serious about amplifying your local marketing strategy, you cannot do so without paying attention to voice search optimization.

Three of the most effective ways you can bolster your local marketing’s voice search capabilities include:

  • Focusing on long-tail keywords such as ‘second hand cars’, ‘homemade Italian pasta’, and ‘cons of cry it out method’.
  • Localize your keywords by adding location tags such as ‘second hand cars in Brooklyn’, ‘homemade pasta near me’, and ‘best birthing centers in town’.
  • Looking for questions people are using to search for businesses like you. These questions can be used to create relevant blog posts and other vistas of content marketing.

Wrapping It Up

Consumer attitudes are shifting and they are looking at local businesses to see what value they can bring to the communities. Modifying your local marketing so it can connect your business to these customers is incredibly important for the success of your brand. We hope these strategies will help you create a holistic marketing strategy where you can continue showcasing your business’ relevance to the local scene.

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