Part 3: Video and Product Marketing

Here is our third installment to Product Marketing for Product Managers series. If you are new,  check out our other blog posts on Product Marketing which might be relevant for you!

Every minute, approximately 300 hours’ worth of video footage is being uploaded to YouTube. And why? Because video tells a story in a way that no other medium can. It’s no surprise then, that when it comes to successful product marketing, video can and should form part of your strategy. Not just to promote products, but to help your customer through every step of their buyer’s journey as well which is one the biggest challenges with product strategy and being effective with inbound marketing.

Using video in the top of the funnel can be hugely beneficial in creating awareness – just think of Volvo and Van Damme’s epic split, or the Dollar Shave Club’s 'Our blades are f**ing great’. Looking to put together instructional post purchase content instead? Just think of those uploaded by Ford Duratec, on how to replace PCV valves, hoses, and oil separators. Anything you want to create, you can.

And the best part? All you need is a smartphone – with behind-the-scenes planning to help you leverage video’s potential in every way you can.

We spoke to Marcus Johansson of Designbyrån Yvonne (producers of videos for Tobii, Apple and more) who shared with us some of his top tips and tricks:

  • Start with your ‘why’ – Decide why you want to make a video in the first place, and for what purpose. It’s no good doing video just for the sake of it – it needs to add value at the same time. Decide whether you want your video to generate leads, build awareness, or reduce the burden on your support department, and go from there.
  • Metrics – Once you’ve identified the goal of your video, you’ll need to decide on the metrics you’ll use to gauge its success. You can either use the metrics supplied by your video hosting platform of choice, or you can integrate video metrics in your Google Analytics or marketing automation workflows instead.
  • Plan ahead – The time you invest in planning a video shoot and preparing a script can have an enormous return on your investment. The more you plan in advance, the more you’ll save on costly edits and reshoots.
  • Repurpose your video – When you’re shooting your video, consider filming different versions for different platforms and channels. If you’re producing a 60-second video, look at making a 30-second one, and a few shorter ones as well, for use in ads and social media. If you don’t, and you find that you do need different versions down the line, you won’t be able to go back and reshoot.
  • Audio quality – Viewers are always more forgiving of poor video quality than they are of poor sound, so if you’re investing in your own equipment, make sure that your microphones and other audio equipment are of good quality.
  • Adhere to brand guidelines – Always make sure that the video that you shoot is in line with your corporate brand guidelines and other product marketing messaging. All your marketing communication should reinforce your brand, and this can only happen if corporate guidelines are adhered to.
  • Animation and infographics – Anyone can shoot a video with their smartphone, and sometimes simple videography is all that’s needed. There are times, however, where you may need to explain or demonstrate a message in a different way – and here, animation or infographics could be an effective alternative.
  • Making the video is only half of the job – Making a video is one thing; ensuring your target audience sees it is quite another. This is where video marketing comes into the picture – deciding which video platform is the best one to use, looking at promoting the video through paid advertising, and optimizing the video for search engines through proper keywords and rich snippets.

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