Did you know? Santa is the oldest Product Manager!

Christmas is one of the most beautiful time of the year, isn't it? Most countries in the North are fortunate to have a beautiful blanket of white snow all over and snuggling indoors with some mulled wine and fluffy blankets. This is the time of the year where adults look forward to taking a well-deserved break from their daily grind and spend time with their children and parents. While everyone is waking up late and taking their days slower, it is the busiest time of the year for Santa Claus. Santa has a very difficult job – to make the children happy!



Talking to users

Santa has been doing this for such a long time now, that he has become very good at asking the right questions. Over the decades, Santa must have realised that children in different generation like different things. With the technological advancements, children now have different wants and needs. A wooden doll for a girl in 2017 isn’t going to be cutting it anymore. Therefore, the most important thing for Santa to know about what the generation wants.



Understand the demographic

How old are you? How was your year? What do you enjoy doing? What do you want for Christmas?
Asking just a few questions gives him a good understanding of the child, their likes and dislikes and what they want. He was also able to ask shy children what they want, and if he didn’t get it from them, he had an idea based on all the other children. He was able to make a guess what they might want, without them speaking.


The famous list. Do you have been wise enough to receive some gifts? Santa has a list of names of children who have been nice and not so nice. Of course, the good children deserve the gifts they really truly want because they have behaved well. Santa creates some ways to deduce how to prioritize the gifts over another.

Listing Requirements

After prioritizing, Santa would have to make a list requirement to make the presents. He would come up with the list of materials, tools to create then, and designs on how these gifts would be created.


Instructing the Elves

Santa would then tell his fellow elves to make the presents based on the requirements and designs. It is an enormous task to translate what needs to be done and accurately to so many little elves. But Santa has created a methodology to do this efficiently over the decades.

Giving a standardized design – CAD Drawings is what I imagine him using :-)

Maintenance of the tools and updating new tools – increasing efficiency of the elves will help more presents to be completed faster.
Instructing the elves early enough with the requirementsHaving a clear timeline, with buffers for mistakes

Planning: Road-mapping to deliver

Going all over the world is impossible for Santa – or so we think. I don’t know what is Santa’s secret travel the world but I imagine the time zones help him plenty! ;-)

If I had to guess how Santa efficiently delivers presents, I would say that he uses the Travelling Salesman Problem :D
Whatever it is, he has mastered this problem efficiently.



While, planning is one part, distributing is a different game altogether. Expecting problems, maybe Rudolph falls sick or spains his leg. Or hurricane Irma hits the southern Americas again. Santa needs to get the presents delivered. Expecting the unexpected is something he will have to keep in mind about.

Santa – the Product Manager

Santa is a fantastic product manager. There is no question about that! Just as product managers do a fantastic job in delivering and creating new products every cycle. thus, if you know a product manager, give them a hug because they are the little Santas of our lives. 

This is a short week, hope all of you are having a jolly good time.

Merry Christmas! God Jul!


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