The Power of Consistency

We live in the time of information. In fact, we are exposed to so much information, in so many different channels at an extreme speed, there is no chance we can absorb it all. We survive by triaging the overflow of information into manageable groups of information: "Interesting", "Scrap Now" and "Maybe Later".

In addition, we consume information in a different way today, and this has much to do with the fact that technology give us the possibility. So, the triage varies in different situations. For example, if you are on the bus or subway on your way to work it might be interesting to read a short Tweet or a LinkedIn post. But you will probably not read a 3-page article on your commute. You will classify it as ‘Maybe Later’ as the best-case scenario, or in ‘Scrap Now’ as the worst-case scenario. And then when you get to work the ‘Maybe Later’ pile very often is moved to ‘Scrap Now’ because you simply don't have time for it.

For Marketing this is a challenge!


Social media is a good example to explain this because it's so fast. A Tweet has a life span of around 18 min, Facebook and LinkedIn posts from a few hours to only one day. YouTube videos and a Blog post can live much longer if you are doing a good job in terms of SEO. However, all this information is competing with your attention during the day. Work documents, instruction folders, brochures, TV, radio magazines, e-mails are all in the race for your attention. For Marketing this is a challenge! How do you get through to the customers that you know would be interested if they knew about your offer? There is a high chance that it will pass by them without being noticed.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge

In the past, before Internet arrived in everybody’s life (some of you might be old enough to remember), it was not very polite to disturb your colleagues, friends, family and obviously your customers with too many repetitive letters, questions, phone calls or house calls. The overflow of information was not that present so other qualities was seen as more important. Physical appearance and good manners were of virtue for example. Today repetition is rather a requirement than a problem. Social media algorithms have a great impact in the selection of information the users get to see in their flow. Part of those algorithms are the parameters frequency and consistency. To have a chance in the information flow on social media you therefore need to be repetitive in your communication. And much more frequent than you think!

Use "Theme Communication"

One way to be consistent is to practice “Theme Communication”. The idea is to focus on one topic at a time during a period of time. To maximize the effect the same topic should be communicated on all your communication channels during this period. How many different topics you should have per year is depending on your type of business, but first of all on your production capacity. Remember, consistency is key. You will not get the effect you are looking for if your communication is not consistent. So, make sure to match your ambition to your capacity to produce the different materials such as:

  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Lead magnets
  • News section on your Website
  • Social media channels

Now you have good base to launch your first theme communication. One topic per quarter can be a good start. As always, start small and build as you learn more.

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