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How Business Agility in Times of Crisis Can Turn Risk into Opportunity

Most of us are facing the dilemma between huge opportunity or huge risk and with multiple global crises occurring everything is being rethought....

Rethinking Agile in Times of Crises

The beginning of 2020, what seems to be so long ago now, was a time everything seemed so normal. Traveling for conferences or sales meetings was...

The Future of Organizational Structures

Firms are usually born out of an underlying customer need that hasn’t been adequately met. The journey continues as the firm grows its CUSTOMER...

Valentine´s special - The secret to true love...of requirements

Valentine’s Special:  The secret to true love…of requirements- Five timeless advice to improve your relationship

Product Strategy. Market...

What is wrong with a Unique Sales Proposition (USP)?

A sales manager I worked with used to say “If you are in a discussion in the company and realize you haven’t heard the word “customer” at all...

The age of products has arrived

Can you feel the Product Beat?

10 years ago... ...products were sold face to face, once. A user sent direct feedback to the supplier. Sales...

Trends of 2018 in Product Management

The Product Leadership Day, that was held on 22 March 2018 had brought in about 200 participants with 10 speakers. We had a wonderfully beautiful...

Your customers aren't lab rats

Everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about running experiments and tests to understand your customers or target market.

2017 Wrap-up: our favorite readings!

At Tolpagorni, Product Management has been divided into 4 segments.

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