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Valentine´s special - The secret to true love...of requirements

Valentine’s Special:  The secret to true love…of requirements- Five timeless advice to improve your relationship

Product Strategy. Market...

Product Owners – Delete your Parking Lot

 When we at Tolpagorni have sessions on requirement engineering, backlog management, or prioritization techniques the discussions around parking...

4 steps for phasing out your products

Traditionally End of Life methodologies have focused hardware companies. Where different production methods or parts are becoming obsolete and new...

The art of writing user stories

A ‘user story’ is an account given from the perspective of a particular end user, intended to help achieve a certain goal. Using these types of...

Communicating your roadmap

Ever wondered how to effectively communicate your roadmap to different stakeholders? Do you even know who your stakeholders are?

What mistakes are you making when it comes to roadmapping?

Roadmapping is the strategic process where a roadmap is created. The roadmap contains both market, business and technical development over time. A...

Why Product Managers should care about product life time revenue

The life time revenue of a product is often split between initial sales (Capex) and Product life cycle (Opex) offerings including provided...

Tooling – the KEY for defining the RIGHT product?

Product managers have many tasks on their plate. Finding Insights into future markets and advances in technology. Understanding user and buyer...

Can the ultimate Software tool for Product Managers be in the making?

Don’t you miss the old days of Product Management? 

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