Tolpagorni create value in 4 main areas:

  1. Go To Market activities
  2. Creating the Right Products
  3. Building a Product Strategy
  4. Developing your Product Management Capabilities

Tolpagorni consultants have many years of experience in managing highly profitable products in the B2B field. We have faced all types of situations in different industries and in different types of organisations in more than 50 projects. We have developed models and methodology based on research and experience. That is why we can quickly assess your current situation and start finding working solutions.

We believe in smart consulting with hypothesis creation and executable deliverables. We know we can support your product management in creating outstanding products that grow your business!


Consulting Product Management - Grow your business
Create Growth
Consulting Product Management - Interim
Consulting Product Management - Transition
Consulting Product Management - Assessment

With Tolpagorni our Product Managers have gained skills and become more assertive – delivering higher value in their daily work.

Martin Hägerdal
President of Ericsson Power Modules

Tolpagorni adds new value to product marketing in an innovative way.

Niclas Gyllbrink
Head of Marketing, Interspiro

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