What we delivered

  • Assignment in an interim format on site to create a Market Requirement Specification for the next platform generation
  • Reviewing strategies and concepts
  • Identifying key features and product values

Project Details


The next generation of products needed to be defined, a big investment that will shape the future of the company.


Tolpagorni worked with the strategy and requirements related to the Ålö product platforms. The product life cycle in tractor loaders is long, and huge investments are made in tooling and production line equipment for each platform. Tolpagorni worked with identifying key features and their value to customers.


The collected data together with benchmarking input was structured and used in requirements management, to create Market Requirement documentation. A total product experience was created from a usability, performance and durability perspective with the help of Industrial design competence. The key to success was to create product differentiation in the market.

About Ålö

Ålö is the world leading manufacturer of front-end loaders with associated equipment. The company has more than 25 percent of the world market in the sector of agricultural tractors with engines stronger than 50 hp. The front-end loaders are manufactured and sold under two brand names, Quicke and Trima, which both are associated with the highest quality. About 90 percent of Ålö’s total production is exported. Today the company is represented in more than 40 countries, and has a leading position in more than 15 of these.

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