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  • - Hands-on tools and metods
  • - Share experience cross companies and industires
  • - Get an overview of Product management
  • 22nd of November 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

High Tech Product Management is a challenging task. The opportunities are humongous. The strategic alternatives are vast. The role of Product Management is to secure that requirements are aligned with the other activities. This tutorial will show how successful product management achieves this.

This one day tutorial is a foundation for high tech product management. It will give you the necessary tools for handling complex situations and ambiguous decisions. But primarily it will give you the tools to align requirement management with product marketing, market analysis and strategy creation.  

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The training will cover

Gaining Market Insights; Is there a market for the new brilliant idea you have? You know there is a need – but will customers be willing to pay for our new service? Learn about how to create market insight and market trends to be able to identify and select the best business opportunities.

Creating Product Strategy;  The problem is not to create the strategy but to make it executable in the everyday work. During the training you will look at strategy models in a pragmatic and usable format. Simultaneously we’ll give you tools to connect with the overall corporate strategies. Roadmapping is the visualization of your strategy work. You’ll learn models to display your plans and visualize the product strategy. There is a hands-on session on roadmaps.

Building the Product Marketing and Delivering a Product Launch; What is the difference between brand and product marketing. How to identify key messages. Marketing channels. Company readiness is a lot more than having products in stock and inviting to a launch event. What should be your focus during the different phases of a launch. How can you handle product launches in an agile environment?

Managing the Requirements; Requirements, ideas and wishes are arriving in many formats and at various levels. To ensure success we need to question and review incoming requests. Requirements have to be refined and developed. We'll look into the RAM model (Requirements Abstraction Model) which offers you a powerful tool to structure requirements. 

The Tolpagorni 5 principles will be presented also covering some of the challenges related to Hand-over to development.

 Product Management Framework

Suitable For

 Individuals who are in charge of products, ordering development or collecting market requirements and those who are responsible for product marketing and planning product launches. Participants are usually product managers, business developers, product marketing professionals.


BO TIDERMAN - a product strategist with a background in small starups and global organizations. In roles such as Director of marketing and CEO, Bo has been managing several successful product launches. Find Bo on LinkedIn.

ERIK BJERNULF - has a broad experience of product management, business development and R&D. In areas including software, electronics and hardware, Erik has been driving products to commercial success. Find Erik on LinkedIn.

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