The goal with this training program is to give you a holistic understanding and knowledge in all parts of product management for software products, such as product strategies, product planning and marketing/ launch. This to strengthen your confidence and with tools, models and knowledge  in how to actually drive your products to success. You will be able to manage your time and spend it where you deliver most value.

After completing the course, participants have sufficient knowledge to pass the certification test from the "ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager". 

become certified in Product Management-ISPMA - Tolpagorni

Format: 2 + 2 Days
Price: 29500 SEK



As an experienced product manager, you will need the knowledge and methods in place to secure success of your product. With this Product Planning training, you will learn how to develop achievable roadmaps, how to hand-over prioritised requirements to development and the role of requirements engineering in software product management. 

After completing the program you have sufficient knowledge to pass the certification test for “ISPMA Software Product Manager Excellence in Product Planning"

Excellence Level Product Planning-ISPMA - Tolpagorni

Format: 2 + 2 Days
Price: 29 500 SEK


You already know how to create product strategies but you also know that creating executable product strategies is truly difficult. With this Product Stategy training by Tolpagorni, you will understand how the product strategy is related to the company’s strategic work. You will gain in-sight to use the company’s strategic direction, and leverage on it to optimise your product line profitability.  You and your strategic thinking will be challenged!

After completing the course,  you have sufficient knowledge to pass the certification test for ISPMA Software Product Manager Excellence in Product Strategy"

Excellence Level Product Strategy-ISPMA - Tolpagorni

Format: 2 + 2 Days + eLearning
Price: 29 500 SEK

What is ISPMA?

ISPMA-Logo_500x333.jpgThe International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) is an open non-profit association of experts, companies, and research institutes with the goal to foster software product management excellence across industries.

ISPMA Syllabi and Certification

ISPMA certification is based on the ISPMA syllabi that are developed by ISPMA’s Fellow and Company Members that represent academia and industry. The “ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager” certificates designate a person that has competences in the management of software products, the software parts of software-intensive products, software as a service (SaaS), and software solutions that are maintained beyond a single development project. Read more



Tolpagorni trainings holds a good mix of both practical and theoretical know-how for ambitious and product oriented individuals that wants to develop their skills.

I have successfully used frameworks and philosophies from Tolpagorni in real work scenarios for many years.

Conny-738097-edited.jpgConny Axner
Product Manager at Axians


I have attended several training sessions and seminars at Tolpagorni and always found them both insightful and valuable. You are often quite alone in your role as a product manager and being able to discuss with others facing similar challenges.

Fredrik_Sandberg-874651-edited.jpgFredrik Sandberg
VP Products at  Accedo