What we delivered

  • Reviewing the Marketing material using the Product Material Audit (PMA) methodology
  • Analysis of the Marketing material to create a modularized material with increased efficiency, structure and content 

Project Details


What should the deployment of the new product generation look like? Version to start with? Segment to address first?


Tolpagorni was commissioned to update and sharpen the marketing material of Leine & Linde. The tool of choice was a Product Material Audit (PMA), a methodology to analyze the marketing material. The efficiency, structure and content of the portfolio of marketing material was analyzed to identify how effectively it drives customers towards a purchasing decision.


This work provided Leine & Linde with several new ideas and input for developing more precise and effective communication with the market. Changes were reflected in all media and sales channels. The outcome was a strengthened sales effort and an increase in product sales.

About Leine & Linde

Leine & Linde develops and manufactures encoders for position and speed measurements on rotating shafts. Their clients are found in industries such as wind power and raw material processing.

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