YOu need product Marketing

of all product launches fail
of the buying cycle is completed before customers meet your sales reps
people  can say "no" to your offering

Find and communicate the true value of your product

As the product manager of complex products or software, chances are high that you struggle to describe what value your product brings and to whom. It is probably not that you don’t know why your product is so great, but sometimes it can be hard to describe it in a clear and consistent way that resonates with the stake holders in your target market. Sometimes even your colleagues in marketing and sales have a hard time understanding.

How will you then be able to launch your new product, or make the product a success throughout the product life cycle? This is where the Tolpagorni Marketing Factory comes into play.



In the Marketing Factory, we help product managers within high tech B2B identify and communicate the true value of their products. We accomplish this through our proven Value Engineering and agile marketing production processes.

Value Engineering for product marketing

The Value Engineering Process is a practical process that we’ve developed over the years in close cooperation with Ericsson AB and other stakeholders.

The model has four phases, all with different purposes and tools:

  1. Discover – get customer insights and understand the value of your product
  2. Define – define the value proposition(s) of your product
  3. Connect – create the narrative to communicate the values of your product
  4. Convey – develop the marketing collateral, or engagement tools that help the customer through their buyer’s journey

Each step, or the individual tools by themselves, are not revolutionizing. Instead, the magic happens when you connect them all. Connect the value tree, to the buyer personas to create value propositions…

Agile Production

One of the reasons that many companies fail in doing product marketing is the disconnect between product management and marketing. Marketing might not understand the domain; the buyers, the product or competition. Alternatively, marketing might be a shared resource and getting their attention and time can be another reason why companies don’t succeed in their product marketing. To help overcome this bottleneck, Tolpagorni offers content production services with a focus on product marketing to take some of the burden off the product manager and marketing department.

Our strengths lie in our ability to understand your domain and to define and communicate the value of your products, which comes from the Value Engineering.

We know high tech product management

We are a knowledge company within high tech B2B, and I think it is pretty safe to say that we are one of the most experienced companies. Besides our marketing services, we also give product management classes, we host experience sharing networks for product managers, and we arrange conferences on the topic. We also offer consultancy services relating to all things product management, either by ourselves our through our sub-consultants.