What we delivered

  • Reviewing and advising regarding the Product marketing material using the Requirement Abstraction Modulation (RAM)methodology
  • Conzeptualizing features for improved market communication
  • Support in identifying and creatiing presentions of the unique values in the  technology and products

Project Details


ScandiNova found their message told to the market to be unclear and not communicating the unique advantages in their product line and technology.


Tolpagorni performed, in dialogue with ScandiNova, a Requirement Abstraction Modulation (RAM) workshop which identified three unique features that are core in the ScandiNova technology. These features were conceptualized and made central in all market communication. A brochure was designed to present the technology, the concepts and the product portfolio in a pedagogic way.


A strong value proposition differentiating the ScandiNova offer to the market from the competition. The brochure was used as a marketing tool became the focal point in the dialogue with all customers over the world.

About ScandiNova

ScandiNova Systems AB is a high-tech company designing and marketing technology leading products that generate power pulses used in research, industrial, defense and medical applications.

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