Create growth with Product Value Logic

Identifying and defining the true values in the product offering and being able to communicate these is key to success in high tech companies.

Creating consistent communication based on value logics is needed to succeed in today’s global B2B markets. Product management skills is an important resource in the creation of successful marketing material.

  • Understand and relate to the customers Buying phases – handling insecurities
  • Identify and define Product Values
  • Define the Product value Logics
  • Creating a concise and powerful MarCom brief
  • Planning successful product launches

Here at Tolpagorni we created a fantastic model to map values and communicate them throughout the whole organization. It is called Value Tree®  .

The Value Tree Service is a research based methodology. It consists of a number of workshops with work in between, identifying and structuring the true values in your product offering. It is often a challenge to pinpoint most important values delivered by an offering but also to present a solid argumentation for why a offering actually delivers what is promised.

Example of a Value Tree® :