Great products is the key to success! Addressing the specific customer needs with features and functionality that is relevant. This is complex and multidimensional! 

Tolpagorni have helped a number of companies to define and improve their ways of working when creating products. All they way from building Market Insight, Customer segmentation to powerful Requirement management. If you do not really understand your customer needs and having a structured methodology to handle all the information - how do you set the right prioritization?!

  • Understand your customers and their needs
  • Collect and structure market insights and incoming requirements so that they can be evaluated - maintained - elaborated - and be available when needed
  • Define a way of setting prioritization in line with the strategy
  • Establish Hand-over dialogue with development including contextual understanding

Tolpagorni has done it before and can do it again with you!


Love the opportunities!

5 Principles for Requirement Management