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Interrim consulting is a great way for our clients to get immidiate experienced support with high value when stuck in a situation with no fast solution. Therefore speed is of essence and having the right profile at hand is crucial to deliver proposals quickly.

That's why we co-operate with the start-up bizzcoo, a competence providing platform. Registering your consultant profile on bizzcoo makes it so much easier and faster for us to find and propose the right competence for assignment requests we recieve. Of course you get to accept any proposals before we send your profile to customers.

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More than 500+ Customers trust us

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More than 500+ Customers trust us

Take responsibility for your product management capabilities!

Training your Product skills is your responibility. As there are no Academic product educations so where do you get your knowledgeand best practise from? There are multiple sources:

  • Video channels
  • Books
  • Web searches
  • Tolpagorni trainings

About Us

We Build High Performing Product Management 

In today’s tech enabling society the opportunities are massive.
The boundaries of markets and technology have drastically changed and will continue to do so.
Product management is a vital function in managing the change and being able to build a long term competitive edge.

We help teams, individuals and companies on their  journey to build and launch successful products.
We have the tools, methods and experience to make it happen.
We love technology and thrive when it gets complex! 


We do Product Trainings at Tolpagorni

Increase your skills and toolbox in any specific area; Product marketing, Value engineering, Strategy, Product Planning or Product Owner. If you are more senior, train to master the complexity of a High Performance Product Manager.

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