What we delivered

  • Assistance in the transformation to integrated product organization
  • Launch of new offerings in line with the strategy

Project Details


Autocom was facing the challenges with an integration of multiple product organizational units in Sweden and Germany, all working with complementary and competing products in the same product portfolio. An assessment and review of the product offering as well as the ways of working was needed.


Tolpagorni delivered support in various formats over a number of years assisting in the transformation to an integrated and efficient product organization launching new offerings to the market in line with an implemented product strategy.


A number of challenge areas were identified in the early assessment. Some of the challenges were addressed and the ways of working were updated with the assistance of Tolpagorni stepping in as an advisor in the product board but also delivering a number of workshops.


Autocom vision is to provide workshops with the possibility to service and repair all kinds of cars using a universal and professional diagnostic tool. The business has expanded to include more types of vehicles, focusing on knowledge rather than technology. The development and production facilities of AUTOCOM are situated in Trollhättan, the heartland of the Swedish automotive industry.

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