What we delivered

  • 4 stage training program based on an assessment
  • Tool and methodologies were implemented

Project Details


The 50 members of the product management team at Bisnode came from 17 different companies, and had different education, experience and ways of working. There was a need to establish a common perspective on product management and the way things were done, while at the same time learn about each other and the various product areas.


Tolpagorni delivered a 4 stage training program based on an assessment of the Bisnode product management challenges. Specific areas were identified and certain tools and methodologies were selected to be presented and implemented in a coordinated format in dialogue with the management team.


A survey declared that 90% of the students identified ideas from the trainings that will help them in their daily work. 60% were certain that the product management function has improved, and 90% thought that the training addressed important areas.


Bisnode has about 2400 employees in 18 European countries. The driving force at Bisnode is to help people find the right answer. They are the link between existing information and the insights people need to be able to make smart decisions. Bisnode handles small and large questions existing within all companies, organizations and business operations. Questions that require attention and correct answers before making decisions and taking effective action.

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