What we delivered

  • Advice about Ways of working - how to identify and present product values to be used in Product marketing
  • Pre-defined workshops to be a part of the ways of working
  • A definition of areas of responsibility
  • An implementation of the Value Tree creation tool

Project Details


Bridging the hand-over from Product Management to Marketing is often a challenge. It’s important to ensure that the Marketing department receives correct and to the point information, to enable new solutions to be launched to the market smoothly and successfully. Product management is always stressed for time and typically has an overload of information about the product at hand. Transmode needed to create good value argumentation and a way to hand over relevant information efficiently.


Tolpagorni was asked to formalize and structure the work process of solution launches. The process should help the Product Managers to get a clearer view of which information is needed for the product marketing, and in what format it should be structured to be able to give optimal assistance to Marketing.

The work was done with an actual solution launch as the benchmark and driver for the design of the templates and the new ways of working, while testing the tools on the way.


A pragmatic framework that was easy to follow was designed and established, consisting of a few pre-defined workshops focusing on different aspects of the project. Clear areas of responsibility were defined and a methodology for a Value Tree creation was adopted and became part of the process.

About Transmode

Transmode is a global provider of packet-optical networking solutions that enable fixed line and mobile network operators to cost-effectively address the capacity needs created by the rapid growth in video and data traffic. These solutions are important building blocks in next-generation high-speed optical networks that support services such as broadband backhaul, mobile data backhaul, video delivery services and cloud computing.

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