What we delivered

  • A product management organization within coor
  • Workshops, analysis and result discussions

Project Details


Establishing an organization that can drive and maintain a productified service offering. Facility management is a low margin and very competitive market, and to establish a productified service offering is a very innovative and disruptive move. One challenge is to manage the delivery, revenue creation and “innovation & maintenance” cost in a geographically spread, service delivery organization.



Tolpagorni assisted Coor in their process of creating a product management organization within Coor and the development of areas of responsibility, reporting and meeting structures for the different types of productified services. A number of workshops were held combined with analysis work and result discussions.



The product management organization is established and has been received very positively from both the participants as well as top management.

About COOR

Coor is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics, offering all the facility management services necessary for a company or public body to work smoothly and effectively. Coor possesses specialist competence in workplace services (soft FM), property services (hard FM) and strategic advisory services. Coor’s customer base includes large corporations and small enterprises operating in the private and public sectors. Coor’s sales are some SEK 7,600 m (rolling 12-month basis), and it has some 6,300 employees (FTE).

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