What we delivered

  • A new product portfolio strategy
  • Market Insights using Personas and Business Value canvas
  • Competitor analysis

“Tolpagorni adds new value to product marketing ​​in an innovative way …"

Head of Marketing, Interspiro

Project Details


Interspiro is committed to providing its customers with innovative and robust technology to improve safety, effectiveness and comfort for end users. As new technology has made many innovations possible, Interspiro engaged Tolpagorni to assist in the creation of a comprehensive product portfolio strategy to take the company forward.


The review encompassed market insight analysis with personas, business value canvas creation and competitor analysis among other activities.


The end result was an actionable plan providing the foundation for future growth in key markets.

About Interspiro AB

Interspiro AB is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of respiratory and protective equipment for firefighting, diving and work in hazardous environments.

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