What we delivered

  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Product Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Pricing Strategy

Project Details


A manufacturing company stepping into new markets with new product offerings needed a business model and help with how the product management organization should work. To do this they needed to define what skills and methods should be used, the ways of working within product management and what the product deployment should look like.


A customized program of workshops and training sessions was created using building blocks from Tolpagorni standard trainings and workshop kits, building competence as well as creating key assets. These key assets, such as Product strategies and Roadmaps, have been used in the continued work defining the journey to success. The Business model canvas was used, a s well as the Tolpagorni methodology Value Tree to identify Product Value logics. A plan for Product Deployment to the market was included in the Product strategy together with a Pricing strategy.


The offering to the market is now being launched in coordination with the production start up.

Rowad National Plastic Co. Ltd.

Rowad was established in 1992 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. It is a subsidiary of the National Industrialization Company “TASNEE”. "Rowad Plastic Group" is among the leading plastic products manufacturing Industries in the field of specialized engineering plastic conversion, and its products are Exported to more than 30 countries in the world. Rowad believes in the innovated engineering technologies and specialized experiences in order to offer the best products at competitive price to customers.

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