What we delivered

  • Recommendations on how to improve organizational interfaces between:
    • Product Management
    • Development
    • Market companies

Project Details


As part of an improvement program at Teracom it was decided to take a look at the current product management setup. The purpose was to identify any potential weak spots and challenge areas. The expected outcome was suitable recommendations for action.


Tolpagorni did, as an impartial/neutral party, an assessment of the product management organization by mainly focusing on the organizational interfaces between product management, development and the market companies. It was a quick audit of processes, interfaces and methods. A report was written giving a perspective on the product management operation with recommended improvements.


A number of challenge-areas were identified and recommendations were handed over to Teracom management team to consider for implementation.


Teracom offers various technical infrastructures and network solutions for the distribution of media and communication between people and companies – anywhere, anytime. Their main product areas are radio and tv broadcasting, Pay-tv offerings, transmission capacity for data connections as well as co-location and service. Teracom distributes radio and tv to households nationwide in Sweden and Denmark.

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