What we delivered

  • Hands-on delivery of Product management
  • Complete Product- and Portfolio Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Business Strategy

“In our fast moving project we needed somebody that could deliver value from day one without spending time on introductions – the Tolpagorni interim consultant did just that!”

Founder & Business Development Director Wittra

Project Details


As a high-tech start-up working with a complex mix of technologies in hardware and software, Wittra was in need of skilled product management support. Formulating both the concept for the market and channeling all feed-back from field tests and customer reaction was vitally important. The life of a start-up business is a day-to-day challenge and is more sensitive to market and technology mistakes than in established companies.


Tolpagorni was asked to provide key support by taking the role as an interim product manager on a part time basis.


The Outcome was a hands on delivery of product management as well as the implementation of ways of working for the product management function. Deliveries included a complete product- and portfolio strategy, product roadmap and business strategy.

About Wittra

Wittra is a Swedish start-up working with a unique solution for tracking assets, using a combination of wireless technologies to achieve high precision and long asset detection range (up to 500 meters). The tags are small in size, which makes it possible to place the WITTRA® Search Tag discretely on belongings that are easily lost. Tag your bike, your computer, the children’s jackets or backpacks and your pets.

With WITTRA®, you’ll know where to look.

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