"Mutual growth through startup/corporate partnerships"


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Head of Sales at Watty

Maria  is holding a MSc  degree in Computer Science and Engineering  with a background in telecom and medical IT.  She loves to combine the technical aspects of problem solving with customer interaction in any of the five languages she speaks. She began her post university career as a programmer in Italy, but shifted soon towards sales, which  has been the focus since moving back to Sweden.

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"How to build business partnership"

Ulric supports companies and organizations in planning and managing partnering and strategic alliances. He has a long experience in helping companies  to achieve business value through his unique concept Partnering 2.0.  He maximizes your chances to succeed with smart partnering and  alliances. At the conference Ulric will share his experience on how you can succeed. 




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Specialist in Partnering and Strategic Alliances at Partnering 4 Business

Ulric has more than 30 years of experience in industry, at executive level, in product management and in project management. For more than 20 years, he has been working with 3:rd party suppliers (from small to very large) in both traditional relations and in partnerships. He is now working as a consultant, trainer and author within Partnering and Strategic Alliances in his own company.

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"Business models and IoT strategies in different ecosystems"

 Marknadstekniskt Centrum (MTC) is bridging academia with business and society.  MTC has been involved in  IoT (Internet of Things) in different Ecosystems, where they have studied the differences of business models and IoT strategies in ecosystems.

 Understanding markets and market development is core.  Today the interest in market development is interwiened with networks and value-creating systems. Staffan will talk about offerings, and the managing and development of value systems and how this differs from traditional product market development.



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Managing Director at MTC

Staffan has prior to his role as managing director of MTC and program director for KTH Executives Educational Schools program for infraservice businesses, been a management consultant and written several books on the topic of service development and digitalization.  He is now editor for an upcoming book “Managing digital transformation” that will be released in January 2018.

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"Product Philosophy – A Collaboration Tool"

Brainmates is the Tolpagorni equivelent in Australia, leading companies to define, develop and deploy customer-centric products and services. They offer professional services and training and have helped leading clients enhance their products and services. We have worked with Adrienne in serveral collaborations and are now glad to invite her to Stockholm to share her experience working with product management "down under". She will also focus the role of Product Management in collaborations.  



Co Founder, Brainmates  

Adrienne has been championing Product Management in Australia since 2004 having founded Brainmates, a business dedicated to improving Product Management capability in organisations. In that time, she has written about and spoken at many Product Management events, raising the level of engagement in the profession in Australia. Adrienne enjoys working with, and watching her clients flourish as they make improvements to their Product Management practice.

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"Collaboration - Sharing Mutual Goals"

Helene will talk about scaling internal and partner collaboration from a small to large set-up. How can you share the understanding of end-user value and customer obsession in product development, when developers do not meet the customer and continuously can listen to the voice of the customer?  What are the benefits of going from Partner Management to Partner Collaboration? We are excited to hear Helenas experience and ways of working from Telia. 




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Portfolio Process Management at Telia 

Helene has 17 years’ experience leading senior product management roles within IT and Telecom. She wants to combine customer obsession with commercial drive and technology curiosity into Product Management. In a large organization, collaboration is important. Her focus is exploring and implementing new ways of working, to share customer insights and ensure development of new offerings exceed customer expectations. At Telia Helene has the privilege to focus on ways of working within Offering and Product Life Cycle.

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"How to build successful data partnerships"

 The IT world is undergoing major changes as all systems re-entering the cloud. It turns local markets into a global one. It becomes easier to enter partnerships but more difficult to choose the right ones. How do you choose partners from a strategic perspective? And how do you build an organization that can maintain and evolve partnerships? 

Anders will present some key frameworks from Bisnode’s partnership strategy and model, and will then move on to a question that is becoming business critical for more and more companies today. 


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Chief Strategy Officer at Bisnode 

Anders Borg is the Chief Strategy Officer of Bisnode, a European leader in data and analytics. He is responsible for Bisnode’s strategic partnership agenda where to company sees great growth potential as data connectivity increases. Anders has a background in strategy, business and product development and M&A, and has spent all of his career in various data-driven analytics and advisory roles.

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"Speed and innovation is important!"

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid transformation. Automation, electrification and and connectictivity are changing the eco-system and the way of working. To be competitive in this fast changing market partnerships and collaboration is one important area. Per will share trends, experiences and challanges going forward. 


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President at Volvo Group Venture Capital

Per Adamsson, has been involved in the automotive aftermarket & services business over 25 years acting like a “intrapreneur”. His career has been focused around Internet of Things and the transformation that the technology enables in terms of new services and solutions. Per is the co-founder of the Dynafleet solution - the world first commercial trucks telematics solution and the company WirelessCar – a leading Telematics Service provider. Currently he is the president of Volvo Group Venture Capital.

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