I wish someone had told me this before I became a product manager!

Karolina Jackson-Ward has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry in a variety of roles. In her current role as VP of Product for Webforum she is responsible for setting up the product management function. This entails constantly juggling priorities, thinking about strategy and process, marketing product internally and externally, spending time with customers, communicating communicating commmunicating, and facilitating other people’s work – all the while driving change. 

She is passionate about delivering value, behavioural sciences, efficient collaboration, leadership, customer focus and having fun.Besides the job as a product manager, Karolina is an experienced presenter at events around Europe, a lazy triathlete, podcast fanatic, and pathologically curious.

With a background in business and management studies, linguistics, and finance, Karolina is an accidental product manager. In this talk, she will tell you about the top things she wishes that she had known about product management before she took it on.

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From 250 000 connected trucks to 0 connected tools. Where do you start when you start over?

Markus Eriksson has been engaged in the evolution of Internet of things for almost 10 years. His entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force behind a large number of connected services. The journey started at Scania Connected Services where he was a part of Scanias tremendous volume growth, from 1500 connected vehicles in 2008 to a quarter of million connected vehicles in 2017. 

In february 2017 Markus Eriksson changed position within the supply chain, and is now engaged in the development of Sandvik Coromants digital offer. This means that his focus has shifted from creating connected business around transporting things to shaping and producing things.

Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions and know-how to the manufacturing industry. Sandvik Coromant with its 8,000 employees is part of the global industrial group Sandvik (45,000 employees) and is represented in 130 countries.

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F*ck ideas. It is all about shipping, deploying and applying

Dariush is a creator, engaged investor, business developer, Innovation specialist, entrepreneur, and intrapreneur. He thrives on building value, driving revenue and increasing profits through accelerated innovation. Identifying and driving commercialization of hidden and under-utilized assets. He aspires to add value as a creative business architect and opportunity seeker.  Dariush continuously engages in projects that can help build a better society.

In 1999 Dariush co-founded Googol Group and now serves as a member of the board. Googolspecialize in innovation and focus on the processes of discovering, prioritizing and realizing opportunities and assist organizations of all size and trade on how to increase Innovation Capabilities.

Today Dariush spends his time at his latest company Pivot, a niched micro capital, private equity firm. He focuses on re-invigoration and creating new s-curves using methods, tools, and approaches to drive development in our holdings.

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How our renewal journey affects product digitalization in an agile way

The Swedish Public Employment Service is undergoing a thorough renewal. Digitalization by automation, building blocks and e-services are changing the way of working. What are the benefits of going from Management Control to Product Management? Petter will present some key points on the experiences and challenges going forward. 

At he Swedish Public Employment Service (a national government Agency) Petter is responsible for building user and business insight, identify and define product needs to achieve good efficiency and high user and customer benefit in a cost-effective delivery. Based on new technologies and processes, challenging the business to implement new features that streamline and provide greater benefits.

Petter has also been given the task to introduce Agile working methods in product management with a positive result leading to the process of employees being brought forward. Petter loves requirements management and business analysis, and is a master in managing of projects in crisis and bring them to a successful conclusion.

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What product managers need to know about UX

Heather has worked as the UX Team Leader building up Tobii's competence within User Experience from the ground up. As a champion and advocate for their users, she worked to successfully evolve Tobii’s product development process to include user centered research, design and validation as a integral part of any development activity.

In parallel to build up the team and UX competence, Heather also worked hands-on to lead the research and design of the user experience for a number of newly and soon to be released products for Tobii including the innovative wearable eye tracker Glasses 2, as well as Tobii's new software platform for designing, recording and analyzing eye tracking experiments. 

Heather now works as a Global Product manager at Tobii.

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Optimizing Product Marketing in your Organization

Saeed has been a thought leader and thought provoker throughout his 25 years working in high-tech.

 He has held Product Management leadership roles in several start-ups & enterprise software companies in both Toronto and Silicon Valley including Informatica (acquired by private investors), Platespin (acquired by Novell), and Intelliseek (acquired by Neilsen).  

Saeed is a co-founder of ProductCamp Toronto (the 3rd ever ProductCamp) and has spoken at similar events in New York, Boston, Austin and Silicon Valley. 

He started the influential blog On Product Management in 1997, and has been writing and speaking on the discipline of Product Management and new product development for a number of years. He is a co-founder of Transformation Labs, an advisory firm that helps companies harness innovation, product management and product marketing to drive growth and market success. 

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Developing new business opportunities from a product and market perspective.

Anna-Karin has worked with Product management and sales of technical products for 15+ year. Anna-Karin is a master in organizing and leading R&D, design, user experience, marketing, and business development resources to evaluate and create new applications and product ideas.

Today Anna-Karin works at FLIR Systems and is responsible for developing and leading FLIR Instruments Framing and Innovation initiative. She is a key player in setting and driving new digital services and solutions and IoT initiatives, and has developed lean start-up methods for driving innovation and evaluating and creating new business opportunities.

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The Journey to a Global HR Tech Company - Benify's Success Factors 

Niklas is a product management professional with experience from the Telecom, Internet, Media and Entertainment sectors. He has spent his working life in competitive industries under change, with the common challenge to grow and transform business by satisfying new customer needs. Last 12 years Niklas has worked in management roles in the online business.

Today Niklas is Chief Product Officer and member of the executive management team at Benify. Niklas is leading an international team covering product management, product marketing and benefits development. Benify's mission is to enable continued internationalization and double-digit growth, by securing that Benify stays the obvious choice for any company wanting to attract and retain the sharpest employees. Today they are the fastest growing HR Tech Company!

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What product management is - and why you don’t agree

Love has always loved technology. Technology and people. Coupled with a bit of narcissism he ended up in product management, and  stayed for the past 8 years. To Love, product management means complete ownership. This includes everything from the nitty gritty details that may end up being the fundament of ultimate product success and defining USPs, to fully comprehending the market dynamics and figure out just what it is that makes your product stand out from everyone else's.

Today Love is a Product manager at Net Insight, a Media Transport company, where he's the product line responsible for the Internet Media Transport product line. The role means understanding and staying up to date with the market dynamics of the Media industry and our customers strategic visions and directions, and ultimately boil this down into the product strategy covering everything from go to market strategy, to product definition and direction.

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Why Product Management makes the difference

Product Management is growing in importance. Great Product Managers are needed everywhere. Magnus will share his inspiration from the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel to David Bowie and how they connect with successful Product Management.  

Magnus Billgren has been developing and rolling out products throughout the globe in different settings, but always technology-intensive products in the B2B space. He is the founder of Tolpagorni Product Management, one of the largest Product Management Companies in the world, and he is also a founding member of ISPMA.

Magnus contributes to research for Product Marketing, Business modeling, Product Planning and is on the steering board for university projects. With an educational background in Engineering, Business, Philosophy and Industrial Design he takes on projects from holistic but yet pragmatic point of view.

 Meet Magnus in this VIDEO



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