Magnus Billgren
CEO & Founder
+46 76 016 14 94

We support clients in the difficult art of Product Management. We are a specialist company passionated about technology intensive products in the B2B sphere.
I have the best job ever! Working with great companies to develop and market fantastic products.

Sofie Ohlsén 
Head of Open Trainings
+46 72 555 15 44

 I manage a portfolio of Product Management trainings, including workshops, certificate programs, and eLearnings that we deliver both onsite & publicly. At Tolpagorni  we constantly develop our trainnig material to new formats of delivery to keep up with the market speed. 

torbjörn Höjer
COO & Consultant Manager
+46 70 951 80 19

Product manager with high technical understanding as well as broad experience from product marketing, project management and industrial design/styling. I am an open and positive person running Interim Consulting and Training at Tolpagorni.

petra färm
High-Tech Product Strategist
+46 70 687 81 95
Organized, Creative, Collaborative, Delivers on time, Customer focused, Business Savvy, Explorer, Data Driven, Excel, Mindmap. Really? Yes, really.
Senior Catalyst
+46 70 671 06 69
I help improving the efficiency of marketing and product management organizations through education programs, customer-focused processes and decision support tools, always with the customer in focus.
niklas rosvall
Product Management Specialist 
+46 76 820 33 66

My experience lies in Product management and Product marketing in various industries and company sizes. I have a broad experience within marketing, especially of digitally cantered products and services. I have been in Product management positions requiring both a hands-on and a strategic approach.

Product Analyst/Student
+46 73 717 82 38

I have been working as a Product manager in the Fintech & Telecom industry. I love innovation and to be a part of new business ideas and growth.
At Tolpagorni I support the team in marketing and research  within Product management for High tech companies.