Learn to communicate the true value of your product offering.


There is greater competition in the industrial world forcing us all to change the we way do business. 

The product is still core but we need to define and discover the true value in our deliveries.

This has evoked a change in customer behaviour. Which has consequently impacted the way we communicate with our customers. 

The customers have also become smarter and they get their information from multiple sources. Therefore, aligning all departments is crucial.
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Tolpagorni has created a framework for Product Managers to work with Value perspective in designing support for sales and marketing. 

It covers four areas: Discover, Define Connect, Convey


Tolpagorni has developed a new way of working with industrial marketing communication.

The work is based on research in sales and marketing and pragmatic experience and has been packaged into a powerful workshop.


  • A structured way to discover, define and communicate the true values, and value logic
  • Define the targeted value proposition with a resonating focus
  • Ways to communicate more effectively
  • Tools like driving forces, target market, Value Tree®, personas, compelling events


  • Do more product marketing and create effective marketing communication that supports sales
  • Skills to react to changes in customer behaviour and stay on top of the competition
  • Increase the quality of your value argumentation
  • Be able to use compelling events to trigger the value discussion
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Get a Diploma!


  • You will be awarded a Diploma upon successful completion of the course.
  • You can also add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

 About the Training


Whom For?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is involved in product marketing, particularly if you work as a:
  • Product marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager

The Training

  • This one day course will give you the necessary tools for handling complex situations. 
  • It will give you the tools to extract the value of your offering and communicate it efficiently to other stakeholders.

Ways of Teaching

  • The theory with additional material to bring back

  • Real Life Case Studies and Exercises


Training Location

Gothia Towers, Mässans gata 24, Gothenburg
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19 October 2018




5,900 SEK excl. VAT